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Beta Sigma Phi Ottawa

Memorial Ritual

Grete Hale City Council Honourary Member 2022/Oct
Jean Pigott City Council Honourary Member 2012/Jan
Ruth Barber Alpha Master 2017/Dec
Phyllis Beveridge Alpha Master  
Jackie Brewe Alpha Master 2015/Sep
Betty Carr Alpha Master 2017/Dec
Nonie Fatt Alpha Master  
Betty Ferguson Alpha Master 2006/Oct
Rita Leishman Alpha Master 2006/Sep
Barbara McCulloch Alpha Master 2012/Apr
Jessie Nesbitt Alpha Master  
Evelyn Riding Alpha Master  
Joyce Shearer  BSP History Alpha Master 2011/Oct
Lillian Stewart Alpha Master  
Grace Sutherland Alpha Master 2015/Apr
Lorna Wilson Alpha Master  
Melba Woolley Alpha Master 2005/Nov
Margaret Climie Beta Master  
Kathleen Gillespie Beta Master  
Margaret Hill Beta Master
Lenore Law Beta Master 2015/Feb
Louise Laidlaw Long Beta Master 2012/Aug
Clementina MacDonald Beta Master  
Noryne Merrill Beta Master  
Beryl Moran Beta Master 2015/Feb
Lynn Paul Beta Master 2022/Aug
Marjorie Purvis Beta Master 2015/Feb
Kay Roth Beta Master 2009/Aug
Joan Smiley Beta Master 2021/Apr
Ruth Stockley Beta Master 2016/Oct
Jean Tweedale Beta Master 2011/Feb
Marguerite Walsh Beta Master 2015/Feb
Elizabeth Barr Theta Master  
Alice Burns Theta Master 2014/Jun
Ev Cuthbert Theta Master 1999/May
Betty Faulkner Theta Master 2007/Mar
Trish Nielson Theta Master 2008/Aug
Helen Reavely Theta Master  
Ruth Van Tassel Theta Master 2010/Dec
Stella Allen Alpha Theta Master 2014/Aug 
Agnes Andison Alpha Theta Master  
Donna Coram Alpha Theta Master 2012/Aug
Eileen Davis Alpha Theta Master 2004/Sep
Lois Donovan Alpha Theta Master  
Dorothy Hoey Alpha Theta Master 2011/May
Margaret Holland Alpha Theta Master 2014/Aug
Betty Kostashuk Alpha Theta Master 2005/Mar
Jean Munro Alpha Theta Master  
Barbara Stroulger Alpha Theta Master 2017/Jul
Audrey Styles Alpha Theta Master  
Helen Acton Alpha Upsilon Master 2020/Feb
June Lansburg Alpha Upsilon Master 2003/May
Audrey McAllum Alpha Upsilon Master 2014/Sep
Chris McGoun Alpha Upsilon Master 2015/Jan
Dorothy Sundin Alpha Upsilon Master 2013/May
Ora Aldgate Beta Eta Master  
Sheila Anderson Beta Eta Master 2015/Jul
Marie Balfour-Stevens Beta Eta Master 2014/Jul
Evelyn Ballantyne Beta Eta Master  
Joan Cameron Beta Eta Master 2018/Apr
Jacqueline Clegg Beta Eta Master / Theta Master 2016/Jul
Babs Devine Beta Eta Master / Theta Master 2015/Jan
Joyce Drouin Beta Eta Master 2014/Aug
Carol Dunn Beta Eta Master 2023/Jan
Ann Hansford Beta Eta Master 2012/Apr
Lois Fowler Beta Eta Master 2005/Jan
Frances Martin Beta Eta Master  
Dorothy Newton Beta Eta Master 2016/Dec
Barb Rolston Beta Eta Master 2021/Jun
Mildred Ross Beta Eta Master / Theta Master 2014/Dec
Bev Lardner Beta Rho Master 2018/Feb
Catherine "Kay" Bierko Beta Rho Master 2022/May
Lucille Mullins Beta Rho Master 2015/Jun
Marjorie Wickens Beta Rho Master 2017/Dec
Liz Wilson Beta Rho Master 2008/Sep
Elizabeth  Gardiner Gamma Epsilon Master 2016/Nov
Bobbie Mattocks Beta Rho Master 2018/Dec
Christine Watson Gamma Epsilon Master 2013/Mar
Eva Dawson Delta Iota Master 2020/Nov
Ruth Mayer Delta Iota Master 2019/Aug
Pam Chapatis Laureate Beta 2005/Sep
Helen Barnard Laureate Lambda 2010/Sep
Lynne Baxter Laureate Lambda 2023/Feb
Flo Dumas Laureate Lambda 2010/Nov
Donna Getz Laureate Lambda 2021/Jun
Wayne Jarvis Laureate Lambda 2022/Oct
Elaine Phillips Laureate Lambda 2005/Nov
Jeanne Ingram Laureate Psi  
Bessie Russell Laureate Psi 2014/Jan
Danielle Balfour Laureate Phi 2021/Mar
Kay Simms Laureate Phi  
Helen Stephens Laureate Phi 2011/Jan
Helen Stewart Laureate Phi 2006/Aug
Daisy Hubley Laureate Alpha Iota  
Patricia Robusky Laureate Alpha Iota 2020/Nov
Maureen Urquhart Laureate Alpha Omicron 2007/Jul
Anne Parker Laureate Alpha Upsilon  
Geri Wells Laureate Alpha Upsilon 2012/Mar
Lorraine Chilibeck Laureate Gamma Sigma 2018/Mar
Irene Sinclair Laureate Gamma Sigma  
Doreen Goudey Laureate Epsilon Gamma 2019/Feb
Judy Kerr Laureate Epsilon Gamma 2015/Nov
Joe-Anne McKee Laureate Epsilon Gamma 2022/Apr
Diane Russett Preceptor Alpha Theta 2010/May
Mary Urquhart Preceptor Delta Epsilon 2007/Mar
Pat Ryan Preceptor Gamma Iota  
Wendy Guay Preceptor Epsilon Eta 2022/May
Jan Wainwright Sigma  
Lynda Ali Former Member 2023/Jan
Lois Bolton Former Member, Xi Alpha 2004/Jul
Stella Hannaford Eta Delta Social Sponsor 2021
Diane Isabel Hoskins Former Member 2020/Jun
Bernice Howitt Former Member  
Edith Hutchinson Former Member, Theta Master 2016
Sarah Johnson Former Member, Sigma 2011/Mar
June Johnston Former Member 2014/Jul
Sandra Jordan Former Member, Zeta Mu 2014/Dec
Naomi Maguire Former Member 2013/Jul
Cheryl Markle Former Member 2006/Jun
Flora MacDonald International Honourary Member 2015/Jul
Marjorie McDonald-Steeves Former Member 2016/Nov
Dorothy Meaney Former Member  
Nina Pavey Former Member 2014/Jan
Eleanor Ryan Former Member 2006/Sep

Older records from our history

Alice Ahearn Director of Sigma
Margaret McQuin (Rankine-Smith) Zeta
Ruth Minard Charter Member Zeta (Xi Alpha)
Dorothy Crooks Charter Member Zeta (Xi Alpha)
Grace Lough Zeta
Betty Stockwell Charter Member Zeta
Dora McBride (Pindred) Xi Chi
Margaret Anderson Xi Alpha Lambda
Mary Cross Xi Beta Epsilon
Bessie White Preceptor Gamma
Gladys Jones Preceptor Sigma
Fern Missal Gamma Chi
Lois Cherry Xi Alpha Lambda
Olive Diefenbaker International Honourary Member
Mrs. Robert (Edna) Dorman City Council Honourary Member
Marie Power Preceptor Alpha Lambda
Audrey Hagan Charter Member Zeta
Phyllis Brown Iota Zeta
Wilma Lovell Xi Alpha Lambda
Joan Brunskill Preceptor Sigma
Ida Charlebois Preceptor Alpha Eta
Margaret McPhail Laureate Psi
Betty Carleton Preceptor Alpha Theta
Dorothy Turpin Laureate Beta
Ethel Cork Xi Alpha Lambda
Violet Humphries Xi Alpha Lambda
Dorothy Peden Laureate Psi
Patricia Ann Dobson Xi Chi
Flora Isabel Love (Ora) Laureate Beta
Marjorie Aileen Murdie Laureate Lambda
Senator Elsie Inman International Honourary Member
Bertha Bell Laureate Beta
Gertrude Derry Laureate Beta
Elizabeth (Girlie) Headrick Laureate Beta
Laura Shaw Laureate Lambda
Sandra Ann Hillary Xi Chi
Brenda Mahaney Eta Beta
Katherine Monette Honourary Member
Preceptor Alpha Lambda
Dorothy Jarvis Alpha Master
Diane Bevington Eta Rho



Beta Sigma Phi
Memorial Ritual

black candle / holder
A single yellow rose in a black bud vase sits by a lit black candle in a black candle holder on the Ritual Table, which is covered with a black cloth
Dearly Beloved:

We are gathered together in sorrowing sisterhood to consecrate in our hearts and memory the life and virtues of a dearly departed member.

As she stood before in Darkness, initiate, so stands she now initiate to the mystery of Death, and we in the somber shadows of our grief.

The glowing torch of her bright self must be henceforward absent from us here, but the clear light of her spirit shall remain, undimmed, to guide and strengthen us whom she preceded.

In life she was devoted to the good, the true, the beautiful, and was by color, form and music touched to tears. With loyal heart and with unflagging effort she faithfully fulfilled her duties here. Then, being weary for a moment, she lay down to rest, using her burden for a pillow, and fell into that dreamless sleep that kisses down her eyelids still. While yet in love with life and raptured with the world she passed to timeless silence and to formless space.

So every life, no matter if its every hour be rich with love and every moment jewelled with joy, must, at its close become to those who stay, a tragedy as sad and dark as can be woven of the warp and woof of mystery and death.

But in this night of death hope sees a star and listening love can hear the rustling of a wing.

She was a faithful and true friend, a treasure inestimable in possession, and deeply lamented in the loss. If we in her lifetime were not always worthy of her love, let us now in her death resolve to be more worthy of the love of all other members of our sisterhood. Nothing is more common than to talk of a friend, nothing more difficult than to find one, nothing more rare than to improve by one as we ought. She has taught us it is best to live in time as friends to those with whom we would be to all eternity, for true friendship is infinite and immortal.

The record of generous life runs like a vine around her memory and her every sweet, unselfish act is now a perfumed flower. Were every one to whom she did a service to bring a blossom to her grave she would sleep tonight beneath a wilderness of flowers.

Life is a narrow vale between two eternities. We strive in vain to look beyond the heights. But through the mist of our tears the light of love beholds a rainbow, the rainbow of her virtues; the red of her courage, the orange of her loyalty, the yellow of her vision, the green of her fellowship, the blue of her humility, and the violet of her service.

Character survives, goodness lives, love is immortal.

The torch of our sisterhood lighted her way on earth, but she hath now no need for sun or moon. But we have need to keep forever bright within our hearts the memory of her living presence.
Speech cannot contain our Love. She was, she is, our sister.

Closing Ritual:

Eternal Father, Shepherd of the Stars, guide us that we may follow only the Good, only the True, only the Beautiful. Hold aloft to us the guiding torch of wisdom and help us to push on, undaunted, towards its light. Illume our souls with Thy wisdom that we in turn may light the way for those who follow us. If the road we take seems obscured in dust, give us the skill and grace to pave it with stars, to transmute the dust into stardust. Grant us such clearness of vision, such sweetness of spirit, such earnestness of purpose that we may follow the torch to our goal.

May the Lord watch between me and thee, while we are absent one from the other.

SC Brown

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